2016 Point Guards

Below you’ll find bSPARQ scores for the 2016 class of POINT GUARDS who participated in the NBA Combine. Note that a player’s z-score represents the number of standard deviations above or below the average POINT GUARD bSPARQ score that player’s bSPARQ is, while NBA% converts that z-score into a percentile rank among all POINT GUARD prospects who have participated in the NBA Combine since 2000. A z-score of 0.0 and NBA% of 50% each represent the sample average for players at this position.

HT: Height in inches without shoes
WT: Weight in pounds
LA: Lane agility time in seconds
SH: Shuttle time in seconds
3QS: 3/4 court sprint time in seconds
SVRT: Standing vertical jump height in inches
MVRT: Maximum vertical jump height in inches
BP: Bench press repetitions of 185 lbs*
BFP: Body fat percentage
HL: Hand length in inches
HW: Hand width in inches
HWS: Height with shoes in inches
RCH: Standing reach in inches
WS: Wingspan length in inches
WD: Wingspan differential in inches