Zach Norvell Jr.

NBA Comparisons
NameYear CollegeSimilarity
Kyle Korver2003Creighton96.6%
Antoine Wright2005North Carolina94.6%
Mike Dunleavy2002Duke93.4%
Jason Kapono2003UCLA92.4%
Dylan Page2004Milwaukee92.3%
Lubos Barton2002Valparaiso92.1%
Predrag Savovic2002Hawaii91.7%
Robbie Hummel2002Purdue91.3%
Tate Decker2001Wake Forest90.7%
2019 NBA Combine Performance
Height w/o shoes76.50″36%
Height w/ shoes77.50″29%
Weight206.4 lbs43%
Body Fat % 7.5%69%
Hand Length 8.50″18%
Hand Width9.50″52%
Standing Reach101.0″25%
Lane Agility Time11.60 sec22%
Shuttle Run3.34 sec3%
3/4 Court Sprint3.44 sec6%
Standing Vertical24.0″2%
Max Vertical 30.0″4%
Bench Press 11*53%

*Player did not bench at the 2019 combine. His bench press score is estimated based on a historical regression formula among players of similar height, weight, and wingspan.